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This web site is the culmination of years of working with many smart, creative and generous teachers, students, artists and professionals. The site is ongoing and will grow in scope as new materials are developed. We encourage you to join us in future projects and opportunities.

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Teacher workshop

We will include great ideas and projects that use or adapt resources from this site on our rotating teacher feature or school projects sections. If you have in depth reflections and/or adaptations with digital samples of visual work please use the forms below:

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Don't let geography stop you. We welcome ideas nationally and internationally. Use the Teacher Feature Form from all over the globe.

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Learning Lab Learning Labs are small groups of dedicated teachers who apply to work with the Andy Warhol Museum to create and to field test education materials. Through generous support from the Grable Foundation teachers in learning labs are able to participate in teacher workshops at the museum, bring student groups to the museum and receive funding to realize classroom projects. All teachers who participate in the learning lab and who submit all final materials and evaluations can receive up to 24 hours of Act 48 credit through the Warhol, an approved provider.