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For the past two years, high school students involved in The Andy Warhol Museum's Youth Publications program have created podcasts on a variety of topics. Mirroring Warhol's own obsession with audio and video recording (he jokingly referred to his eight track recorder as "his wife"), these podcasts are an experiment, and reflect the interests of the student team. YPT podcasts are also available for free download with iTunes.

  Title Author Description
Electric Chair Detail Andy Warhol: Electric Chairs Chris Ross A short history of Warhol's Electric Chair series
Electric Chair Detail Andy Warhol: Hammer & Sickle series Grace Rajnovic Warhol's Hammer & Sickle series and its historical context
Electric Chair Detail Andy Warhol: Silver Clouds Jasmine Walton A podcast about Warhol's Silver Clouds installation
Electric Chair Detail Righteous Spring YPT '06 A video podcast of a Three Rivers Art Festival collaborative happening, Righteous Spring, from June, 2006.
What Is Your Greatest Fear? YPT '07 What is Your Greatest Fear? takes a look at cultural and societal fears, and is based in part on artist Michael Loggins' book, Fears of Your Life.
Jesus! That's Personal Jessica Packer A podcast exploring teen attitudes about religion.
Let's Talk About Sex Taylor Pipkin A podcast exploring Christian teen attitudes about sex.
That's So Gay? Abby Gordon A podcast exploring teen attitudes about homophobia.
Warhol Inspired Screentests Jessica Packer A video podcast about Warhol's Screentests and his method for creating them...with varied results.
Special Report Taylor Pipkin A spoof radio show about Warhol's book, Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.

This program is supported in part by a grant from YouthWorks.